Dry-Cleaning Process

It's frequently asked what the difference is between dry-cleaning and dry-cleaning. What does a general dry-cleaning include?

  1. pretreatment of the dirty parts of clothes (if it is needed)
  2. cleaning in a dry-cleaning machine, sorted by color
  3. ironing or rather steaming in one minute

What is the dry-cleaning at the Molnár és fia Dry Cleaners salon?

  1. pretreatment of the dirty parts of clothes in all cases with stain remover and cleaner tonic
  2. dry-cleaning on spot, in dry-cleaning machine with pure solvent and sorted by color
  3. ironing by hand (after using steam puppet the clothes dry and then deflate), removing fluffs and nap the coats

Decide yourself if there is a differences or not. It is matter where I'm taking my clothes, isn't it?

Next question: What does this quality dry-cleaning service cost? Look our price list and see yourself that a quality dry cleaning can be carried out below the market price.

What is the recipe?

  1. it's our own shop, cleaning on site
  2. owners work with more than 20 years of experience.
  3. if you hit us always the same faces will welcome you for more personal contact
  4. high expertise, exceptional care, conscientious service
  5. modern equipment and the finest cleaning materials